IPI offers a range of preservation consulting services, from environmental monitoring and data analysis, to mechanical system design consultation, analysis, and optimization.

Environmental Monitoring & Data Analysis

An Environmental Monitoring & Data Analysis project evaluates storage environments and their effects on collections in order to prioritize preservation needs. IPI consultants will work with you to:

  • Establish an environmental monitoring program
  • Document and analyze existing storage and display conditions using environmental data
  • Identify the risks of chemical, biological, and mechanical decay for specific collection materials using IPI’s Preservation Metrics®
  • Provide recommendations to improve conditions in support of long-term preservation (e.g. overall preventive conservation recommendations, mechanical system adjustments, etc.).

Mechanical System Analysis and Optimization

A Mechanical System Analysis and Optimization project evaluates mechanical system performance and identifies possible improvements or adjustments that could be applied with minimal or no capital investment. IPI consultants will work with you to:

  • Provide an in-depth study of mechanical systems and the resulting conditions in collection and exhibition spaces
  • Define appropriate environmental conditions and collection specific parameters
  • Suggest optimal HVAC operational settings (based on local climate, building construction, and the preservation needs of various collections) that offer energy savings without compromising preservation goals
  • Provide fiscally responsible options regarding investments in mechanical system upgrades

Mechanical System Design Consultation

A Mechanical System Design Consultation ensures that resources invested in mechanical system upgrades for collections will provide the desired preservation environment and are sustainable over time. IPI consultants will work with you to:

  • Provide fiscally responsible options regarding investments in mechanical system upgrades
  • Determine appropriate system specifications during planning and design phases of mechanical systems upgrades
  • Review working documents to evaluate systems for preservation quality, energy efficient operation, and sustainability
  • Make recommendations for optimal system operation
  • Review value engineering changes for preservation impact

Preservation Commissioning

A Preservation Commissioning project evaluates that a mechanical system(s) is working according to design specifications, and sets realistic and sustainable goals for HVAC operation and long-term collection preservation. IPI consultants will work with you to:

  • Document the operation of newly installed mechanical systems
  • Analyze storage environment and mechanical system data to optimize system operation for energy efficiency and preservation quality
  • Analyze possibilities for energy cost reduction without sacrificing preservation goals
  • Quantify the impact of the investment on preservation quality and energy savings

Film Storage Assessment

A Film Storage Assessment project examines the quality of the storage environment for acetate and nitrate film collections in various stages of condition and makes recommendations for improving long-term preservation. IPI consultants will work with you to:

  • Discuss current best practices and available resources for the preservation of film and photographic materials
  • Assess the current condition of collections through visual examination of signs of deterioration and the use of IPI’s A-D Strips®
  • Evaluate conditions in storage spaces using environmental data
  • Help develop short and long-term plans for management of film and photographic materials

Education and Training Projects

IPI offers preservation training tailored to fit the needs of your institution. We can also present talks or workshops at your institution for both your staff and colleagues at neighboring organizations on a range of topics associated with preservation.

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