Original PEM Datalogger

Original PEM® Datalogger sales and calibration services are no longer available.

Technical Support services available at no charge for original PEMs include data retrieval and basic installation support. Battery replacement is available for $125.00 per unit plus return shipping.

The PEM2 is now available—check it out here!

Original PEM Datalogger
Original PEM Datalogger– A battery-powered temperature and RH measuring device for monitoring storage and display conditions in archives, libraries and museums.               

IPI began development of the Preservation Environment Monitor® (PEM®) in 1995, specifically for use in cultural institutions. After years of field testing, the PEM became available for sale in July 2000. Over 3,000 units were sold to over 500 institutions in the US and abroad. Sales of the original PEM ended in January 2008 when the PEM2® became available.

Original PEM recalibration services were discontinued in February 2011 when the parts and equipment required for recalibration were no longer available.

A PEM retirement program was offered for two years, providing a discount toward the purchase of a PEM2. This offer expired on December 31, 2012. If you have original PEMs you are no longer using there is no need to return them to IPI – you can dispose of them as you would any other electronic equipment.

PEM data can be uploaded using an SRAM (static random-access memory) card. One card can hold data from 16 original PEM data loggers. IMPORTANT— the specific product number for this tool is:

proPretec S65002 (SA5002) – This is the only card that will work in the original PEM

NOTE: IPI no longer carries this product. To order, visit the following link to purchase from another vendor: http://www.amtron.com/sram.htm#pretec

The OmniDrive USB Card Reader is an external device for reading SRAM cards. IPI recommends this tool for use with the original PEM. You will need an add-on card reader for data transfer if you are using a desktop computer. Most Windows® laptop computers have one or more PC card slots and require no external card reader. After the SRAM has been inserted into the original PEM and data has been collected from the unit, the card goes into the OmniDrive Card Reader, which copies the data to your PC.

NOTE: IPI no longer carries this product. To order, visit the following link to purchase from another vendor: http://www.californiapc.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=3402&gclid=CK3Jptzh-rgCFUqY4Aod6GoAGA


If you have any additional questions, contact Angie Armstrong at ipitechsupport@rit.edu or (585) 475-7125.