Training Sustainable Environmental Management Teams for Cultural Institutions

The Image Permanence Institute is facilitating an online workshop designed to guide participants through the process of facilitating a sustainable environmental management project and will empower participants to implement the methodology and techniques learned at their own institutions. This includes assessing and analyzing data from current collection spaces and mechanical systems, setting appropriate environmental parameters, testing energy-saving operations, and making informed decisions that will improve the preservation quality of collections environments. Offered once a month from November through February, the workshop is four days long with two sessions per day from 10am-12pm ET, and 1-3pm ET, and involve a mixture of presentation, discussion, and exercises designed to put principles into practice. This includes activities to help participants learn to use various tools, read HVAC documentation, and plan for implementation at their own institution.

This workshop is open to any individual or team from a collecting institution that has an active environmental monitoring program and has been collecting and evaluating data for at least one year. While teams are encouraged, individuals may also apply. Space is limited to only 16 participants per workshop. As part of the workshop, each participating institution will be able to borrow instruments from the IPI Tool Library, and will also be eligible for two free hours of one-on-one time with IPI’s Environmental Consulting Team to discuss specific issues.

Tuition for the workshop is waived due to generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Online Workshop


February 8, 2021 - February 11, 2021