Managing Proper Air Flow in Collection Spaces

Whether in collection storage or an office space, air flow is a very important aspect of the indoor environment. Lack of air flow can cause stale air and high temperatures, while too much air flow can disturb objects or create comfort issues. Air balancing and fan speed adjustments can have significant impact on air flow in a collection space, and are opportunities to manage the appropriate balance of air flow. Common mistakes that hinder ideal indoor air flow include blocking or short-circuiting of air flow. These issues will waste energy, and can reduce the life of mechanical equipment. This webinar will provide insight into the importance of good air flow, including ways to identify inefficiencies and correct common mistakes.

Christopher Cameron, Sustainable Preservation Specialist, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), joined Image Permanence Institute (IPI) in 2013 and frequently consults with collecting institutions to provide advice on managing and operating mechanical systems to achieve the best possible preservation of collections with the least possible consumption of energy. Chris has an MS in Communication & Media Technologies from Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to his work at IPI, Chris worked as a facility manager for twelve years and is certified in Project Management Certification from the International Facility Management Association and in HVAC systems by Energy Service Company. Christopher was a recipient of the 2021 Champion of Sustainability award from RIT.



November 7, 2022 - November 7, 2022
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM EST