Knowing and Protecting Motion Picture Film Poster

Published by the Image Permanence Institute in 2010 and developed with contributions from recipients of the both the AMIA Image Permanence Institute Internship in Preservation Research Award and recipients of the Image Permanence Institute L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation Internship Award.

This large poster (47" x 35") takes the viewer through the fascinating history of motion picture film materials. Using microscopy-imaging techniques, this poster features the striking characteristics of twelve distinct film materials from the silent era to present day. It features a time-line of motion-picture technology, a wide variety of motion picture film processes, tips for material identification, and basic knowledge on film formats and soundtracks. Also included is practical advice for film examination, a glossary of technical terms, and critical information needed for long-term preservation. Most notably, this poster is seen as an educational tool for understanding and ultimately preserving motion picture film materials. Poster (47" x 35"). Price: $10.00.

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Enlargement of the full poster:

Film Poster - Full

Enlargement of the timeline:

Film Poster - Timeline


Enlargement of film identification:

Film Poster - Film Identification

Enlargement of examination tips:


Film Poster - Examination Tips