Digital Print Preservation Education & Training (2014-2017)

Digital Print Preservation Educating and Training WorkshopsThe goal of this Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded project is to educate and train collection care professionals in libraries, archives, and museums on the proper identification and care of digitally-printed collection materials. Over the last seven years, IPI has gained significant experience studying the stability and preservation of these objects through its Mellon- and IMLS-funded Digital Print Preservation Portal (DP3) projects. The purpose of this new effort is to extend the value of that earlier work by communicating the findings to the preservation community. The project includes workshops at IPI, regional conservation centers, conservation training programs in universities, as well as through direct interaction with collection care staff during onsite visits to specific libraries and museums across the country. It also includes updates to the DP3 Project website, continuation of the DP3 Newsletter, and reporting on advances in the technology of modern printing to keep the field up to date on where both fine art printing and publishing are heading in the future.