The DP3 Project: Digital Print Preservation Portal (2007-2010)

Flood testing for the DP3 ProjectThe goal of IPI's DP3 research is to develop science-based recommendations to help cultural heritage institutions make sound collection care decisions about the modern digitally printed assets in their collections. Research activities funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Institute for Museum and Library Services will educate the preservation field and extend the life of digitally printed materials in collections. Studies have been done on the effects of heat, humidity, pollution, light, flood, handling, and storage and display materials.

If the image is captured digitally or if the image is printed digitally, it is a digital print. Digitally printed materials include documents, photographs, ephemera, periodicals, and monographs.

An IPI survey found that 87% of libraries, archives, and museums have digital prints in their collections, and 70% of these institutions have already observed significant deterioration. Deterioration concerns include abrasion, fading, yellowing, color bleed, blocking or ferrotyping, and cracking or delamination.

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