Preserving Film Collections for the Future—An Essential Web Application (2012-2015), funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is a central resource for best practices in film preservation. The site provides guidelines for dealing with the preservation of all types and formats of film materials. It addresses the requirements for preserving black-and-white and color film, and nitrate, acetate, and polyester-based film. It also addresses specific issues for microfilm, motion-picture, sheet, still roll, and aerial film, as well as the management of collections containing a variety of media types. This collection management approach focuses primarily on storage, condition surveys, and the development, implementation, and monitoring of best-fit strategies. Simply go to to set up a free account, evaluate your film collections, and learn more about best practices for film preservation.

Museums, archives, libraries, historical societies, and other repositories hold film materials—many of them irreplaceable—containing significant information that is available nowhere else and in no other form. Proper storage is the best way to optimize the life span of movie, still, and microfilm collections, and outlines a range of suitable environments and various options for controlling the environment for long-term preservation.

The site provides a decision-making tool based on a comprehensive synthesis of existing film preservation information. Presented as step-by-step collection management guidelines, this interactive tool will help film archivists institute carefully considered solutions to collection management.