Sustaining Knowledge of the Materials of Photography through Research and Education (2012-2015)

Graphics Atlas Identification PagesThe Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided funding to support a three-year project to collect, develop, and disseminate knowledge about the material nature of photographs in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. This support allows IPI to continue its commitment to research and education about the materials and techniques surrounding traditional photography.  Information will be primarily disseminated through Project goals include documentation of the technical aspects of photographic materials, further development of tools for identifying and understanding the many processes and techniques used to create photographic objects, and efforts to expand the website’s audience and meet the needs of its users.

Project staff will develop written and graphic web content development and define and expand the audience for this information.  Activities will include a series of webinars and three workshops focused on developing the website as an educational resource. Two 15-month internships for young professionals considering photograph conservation or related fields will be offered during the project. Interns will assist in content development and preparation of outreach materials.

This project builds on the foundation of the Mellon-funded Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation (1999-2009) and uses IPI’s unique institutional setting, skills and knowledge to strengthen efforts toward creating a lasting resource to document, illustrate and preserve the legacy of photography.