Associating a New Logger with an Existing Location Dataset

There are multiple reasons why a data logger associated with a dataset location in eClimateNotebook (eCNB) might be changed, and when this happens a new logger can easily be assigned to an existing dataset.

Location Datasets in eCNB create an association with the data source, such as a PEM2 data logger’s serial number, to make subsequent data uploads more efficient. When a new data logger is introduced to eCNB by default eCNB will create a new dataset name using the new logger’s serial number. If the new logger is replacing a previous logger, it is possible to assign an existing Location Dataset Name to the new serial number following the steps outlined in the example scenario below.

In this scenario a logger monitoring in the library of an institution was removed and lost. A new data logger, P2_17221, was deployed (Figure 1) to replace the missing logger:

  1. First, the replacement logger was awakened, placed in the library, and allowed to record data for a day.
  2. Secondly, the data collected was downloaded from the logger and uploaded into eClimateNotebook. Since this was the first time the data logger was used with eCNB, there was no existing Location Dataset Name for the logger, and by default eCNB assigned the new serial number as a new Location Dataset Name (Figure 2)
  3. To assign the new logger to an existing Location Dataset Name the eCNB user selected the “P2_17221” text under “Location Dataset Name” and began typing the name of the existing Location Dataset to be assigned to the new logger. In this case, "IPI." A dropdown list appeared showing the names of all of the Location Datasets that begin with "IPI."
  4. Clicking on the desired Location Dataset Name, in this case “IPI-Library,” selected that Location Dataset to be associated with the P2_17221 logger (Figure 3).
  5. Once the Location Dataset Name was selected, the final step was to click on “Continue to Graphs” to confirm the logger was added to the existing dataset. Reviewing the graph revealed that new data was added to the existing dataset. In this case, data for September 2018 was appended to the “IPI-Library” Dataset (Figure 4) indicating the new association was successful. Note: the straight line from March through September represents a gap created by missing data points. This represents the period in which there was no logger in the library.

Figure 1

Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4