Classification of Standards

Material Specifications

18901 Specification for Stability of Silver-Gelatin-Type Black & White Films. This covers requirements for the film base, emulsion and backing layers, and image stability.

18902 Specification for Albums, Framing and Storage Materials. Included are specifications for the materials and descriptions of the types of enclosures.

18905 Specification for Stability of Ammonia-Processed Diazo Photographic Films. Included are the requirements for the emulsion layer, backing layer, image stability, and test methods. 

18906 Specification for Safety Photographic Film. This gives requirements and test methods for ignition time and burning time.

18912 Specification for Vesicular Film. Subjects specified are film base requirements, image stability under dark aging, and light.

18916 Photographic Activity Test for Enclosure Materials. A description is given of the apparatus, incubation, and determination of three factors: image interaction, stain, and mottle.

18919 Specification for Thermally Processed Silver Microfilm. Included are the requirements for the film base, physical properties, and image stability.

18929 Specification for Wet-Processed Silver-Gelatin Photographic Reflection Prints for Dark Storage. This specification covers requirements for physical and image stability.

18932 Specification for Adhesive Mounting Systems. A description is given of types of construction, classes of thermally activated adhesives, and tests for adhesive strength. 

18940 (under development) Specifications for Permanence of Digital Colour Prints. This specification first requires completion of the test methods for temperature, light, and ozone resistance.

18948 (under development) Specifications for Permanence of Photobooks. This standard is in the early stages of development and the required properties are under discussion.

Test Methods – Physical Properties

18903 Determination of Dimensional Change of Film and Paper. Information is given on testing methods, sampling, procedures, and calculations.

18904 Method for Determining Lubrication. The apparatus, test conditions, and procedure are described.

18907 Wedge Brittleness Test for Photographic Films and Paper. This specifies the dimensions of the wedge apparatus and the procedure.

18908 Determination of Folding Endurance of Photographic Film. The equipment standardized is the MIT Folding Endurance tester.

18910 Determination of Curl of Photographic Film and Paper. A description is given of curl nomenclature and test apparatus for both sheet and motion picture film.

18914 Determination of Photographic Emulsions to Wet Abrasion. Included is a description of the apparatus and the test procedure.

18922 Determination of Scratch Resistance of Processed Photographic Films. The apparatus is described as well as the recommended testing procedure.

18931 Recommendations for Humidity Measurement and Control. This standard defines pertinent terms and different measuring systems.

18935 Determination of Indoor Water Resistance of Printed Color Images. Three categories of water resistance are described as well as the pertinent testing procedures.

18947 (under development) Determination of Abrasion, Scuff and Smudge Resistance of Colour Images. Subjects to be covered are the testing devices used and the means to evaluate surface damage.

Test Methods – Image Stability

18909 Method for Measuring Image stability of Processed Photographic Colour Films and Paper Prints. Included in the test procedures are two methods for dark stability and five exposure conditions for light stability.

18915 Determination of Effectiveness of Chemical Conversion of Silver Images against Oxidation. The two tests outlined are the dichromate bleach test and the hydrogen peroxide incubation test.

18917 Determination of Residual Thiosulfate in Processed Photographic Materials. The three methods described are the iodine amylose, methylene blue and silver densitometric.

18921 Estimating Life Expectancy of Compact Discs based on Effects of Temperature and Humidity. This covers five stress conditions and the procedure for calculating the data.

18924 Method for Arrhenius-type Predictions. This gives a description of the theory, the methods of sample incubation and the treatment of the data.

18926 Estimating Life Expectancy of Magneto-Optical Discs Based on Effects of Temperature and Humidity. This provides the stress conditions and data calculation.

18927 Estimating Life Expectancy of Compact Disc Systems Based on Effects of Temperature and Humidity. Definitions are given, the stress conditions and the calculation for life expectancy.

18930 Evaluating Image Stability of Colour Reflection Prints Under Outdoor Conditions.  Included are tests to simulate use conditions and pertinent information required for outdoor testing.

18936 (under development) Method for Measuring Thermal Stability of Processed Colour Photographs. This test method will describes the properties measured, the required calculations and the incubation procedure.

18937 (under development) Methods for Measuring Indoor Light Stability of Processed Colour Photographs. Specifications are to be given for the light source, sample preparation, temperature and humidity control.

18939 Methods for Measuring Permanence of Digital Hard Copy for Medical Imaging. Included are physical tests, tests for dark stability, light stability and image spread.

18941 (under development) Method for Measuring Stability for Ozone Gas Fading of Processed Colour Photographs. Requirements will be given for the target, calculations, and the gas fading apparatus.

18944 (under development) Test Print Construction and Measurement of Colout Photographic Prints. This standard will describe the target requirements for the thermal, light and ozone stress tests.

18946 (under development) Methods for Testing Humidity Fastness of Colour Photographic Prints. This will provide a quantitative test to evaluate image changes due to high and low humidity.

Storage and Handling Recommendations

18911 Storage of Safety Photographic Films. Topics included are enclosures, housings, and environmental conditions.

18918 Storage of Processed Photographic Plates. A description is given of plate containers, housings, rooms, and storage environment.

18920 Storage of Processed Photographic Reflection Prints. Subjects covered are enclosures, housings, rooms, and environment for medium-term and extended-term storage.

18923 Storage of Polyester–base Magnetic Tape. Definitions and environmental conditions for medium term and extended term storage are provided.

18925 Storage of Optical Disc Media. Topics covered are limits for humidity, temperature, gaseous impurities, and magnetic fields. Also covered are enclosures, acclimatization, storage housing, and rooms.

18928 Storage of Unprocessed Photographic Films and Papers. The temperature, relative humidity, extraneous radiation, and acclimatization are discussed.

18933 Care and Handling Practices for Extended Usage. Topics discussed are tape pack integrity, contamination effects, handling techniques, environmental considerations, and inspection.

18934 Storage Environment for Multiple Media Archives. There are four temperature ranges given for different materials. The relative humidity ranges are also recommended.

18938 Care and Handling of Optical Discs for Extended Storage. There is a review of failure mechanisms, handling techniques, disc identification, contamination, use environment, inspection, and cleaning.

18943 (under development) Storage, Care and Handling of Magnetic Hard Disk Drives. Pertinent terms and definitions, physical configurations, environmental factors, and failure mechanisms will be given.


18913 Vocabulary on Permanence. The terms covered are those pertinent to film, paper, optical discs, magnetic tape, enclosures, and environmental conditions.