High-Humidity Sensitivity Test

High-Humidity SensitivityHigh-humidity storage conditions can produce many damaging effects on digitally printed material: mold growth, physical deformation, sticking between objects, and colorant migration. Colorant migration can result in density changes, color shift, blurring and loss of detail. IPI offers a test to evaluate the propensity of printed material to undergo colorant migration due to high humidity. IPI’s incubation lab is equipped with temperature- and humidity- controlled chambers for this type of testing.

The Test

Our high-humidity tests are real-time studies in which samples, printed with our standard test target, are incubated at elevated-humidity conditions for a certain length of time. Typical incubation conditions are 25°C (77°F) and 85%RH for 4 weeks, but the test can be tailored to the client’s needs. The samples are measured both before and after incubation to assess:

  1. Color change (ΔE) in all patches of a checkerboard target including a non-printed patch
  2. Line width change for C, M, Y, K in both cross paper and machine directions

At the end of the exposure period the collected data is analyzed and a full report, including an explanation of the test method, is generated for the customer.

All test results are confidential.

What We Need

For the high-humidity testing, the customer shall provide IPI with the printed targets. We will provide the digital file for you to print. We need 6 copies for each sample (substrate/colorant combination) being submitted for testing.

Materials for testing should be shipped to:

Attn: Andrea Venosa (Humidity)
Gannett Building 7B, Room 2000
70 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623


For each sample (i.e. each substrate/colorant combination):

  • 4 weeks at 25°C/85%RH: $1000
  • Minimum charge: $2000
  • Pricing for custom testing may vary.


For more information on high-humidity sensitivity testing, please contact Andrea Venosa at ajvpph@rit.edu.