Colorant Bleed Test

Colorant Bleed Test

This test is a requirement for the selection of photo-safe colored paper products and marking materials in accordance to ISO 18902. The dyes or pigments used to color paper materials, as well as those used for labeling, must pass the colorant bleed test to meet ISO 18902. This test assesses the risk of colorant bleed, transfer, or spread when the material is soaked in water. Colored materials that fail this test have the potential to bleed onto adjacent photographs and are, therefore, not photo-safe. These unstable colorants can affect the front or the reverse of a photograph. All test results are confidential.

What We Need

For the colorant bleed test, the customer shall provide IPI with three 8x10 sheets (or equivalent) of colored paper or enough marking material to cover such sheets. Please name or code your samples so that we have a reference by which to communicate the test results. Our test reports will refer only to your specific label.

The colorant bleed test is a destructive test; sample materials cannot be returned.

Materials for testing should be shipped to:

Rochester Institute of Technology/IPI
Attn: IPI Testing Services
70 Lomb Memorial Drive, GAN-2000
Rochester, NY 14623-5604
(585) 475-5199


Colorant Bleed Test per ISO 18902
First two samples inclusive (minimum charge) $100
Each additional samples (sent at same time) $50

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